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DNSSEC Related Links

Paul Vixie and my Network Magazine article on DNSSEC.

My DNSSEC paper (its not the magazine article) (3 different formats)

IETF DNSSEC Working Groups Home Pages
   DNSSEC WG (now part of DNSEXT WG see links below)
   DNS Extensions (DNSEXT) WG:
   DNS Operations (DNSOPS) WG:

In addition to securing the system on which DNS runs, take additional precautions and "chroot" DNS too!
   A 12 step program (cut and paste instructions) for chrooting named under Redhat Linux
   This link has instructions for chrooting OpenBSD

Get the latest version of BIND with some DNSSEC capabilities

Get the latest News on DNS Security Issues

Additional Security Links 
       (here are some of my picks for the most
       This list is not complete by any means)

Exceptionally rich in Computer Security realted info (especially checkout "Hotlist" & "Related Links"):

Wietse Venema's Projects

Peter Gutmann's Crypto Papers & other info

Unix tools for log watching, host based intrusion detection, and port scan detection

More IETF Security stuff (including IPsec & PKIX)               

Just to pass the time away..: